Colocation Services


Data Center Saturation

Many organizations have simply run out of space in their corporate data centers. With storage requirements and subsequent processing needs rising at a rapid pace, many businesses have encountered a situation in which they can no longer reasonably expand their technology footprint within their existing facilities. The idea of building a new data center to meet these new needs can be extremely daunting not only because it is expensive and complex, but also because it is extremely difficult to effectively future proof a data center in light of changing technology requirements.

Data center colocation services offer organizations a unique opportunity to access flexible, scalable facility resources that provide more flexibility for the future. The need to meet scalability demands moving forward is leading to considerable interest in the colocation services we offer. Contact an expert to get more information about colocation services.

High Internal IT Costs

The changing technology requirements facing businesses is leading to drastically increased in-house IT costs, something that can be especially difficult to deal with as more organizations implement strategies like cloud computing and increase the amount of their budget that is devoted to third-party resources. 

A colocation plan allows organizations to take advantage of third-party IT services for data, applications and workflows that cannot realistically reside in the cloud at this point. If your organization is dealing with high internal IT costs and the need to reduce expenses in general is a major driver for increased colocation demand, contact us to discuss your options for reducing costs.  

Technological Advances

High-performance equipment, including more advanced servers and high-capacity storage systems, are coming together to allow organizations to put more data in less physical space. Processing this information, however, is leading to new power and cooling demands as hardware densities rise. All of this is allowing organizations to put more systems into less space, but data processing and storage demands are expanding so quickly that they are filling their data centers anyway.

Also, many legacy data centers are not equipped to meet the power and cooling requirements of contemporary systems, and organizations are needing state-of-the-art facility systems to handle their new hardware. All told, advanced hardware is pushing organizations to implement sophisticated facility resources, and colocation providers are ideally positioned to meet this need. Furthermore, these requirements are leading to demand for robust data center connectivity solutions. If you own a legacy data center and maintenance and upkeep is costly, speak to one of our experts today to get options on reducing costs.